Mantle Cell Lymphoma Trials Unit

About Us

Our Aim

Is to increase public and professional knowledge of mantle cell lymphoma; its diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis. We also support and run clinical trials to help develop treatments for patients.


Based in Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, we have access to excellent facilities. The clinical research team is based on Birch Day Case Unit, which is purpose built for providing patients requiring treatment for haematological problems with the very best care available. Our experienced Nursing team work closely with Medical staff, Pharmacy staff, Imaging staff, and countless others to ensure that all patients are offered the best care possible.


From time to time we are asked by patients or their families if they can make a donation to support our work. This is possible, and the money that we receive is used to help fund laboratory supplies or equipment to help us run clinical trials. If you wish to make a donation, please get in touch with us first:

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust UKCRC Plymouth University Peninsula

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